Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Read till you get to my rant...

Hey Team.

Tonight's Blog will get the Anti-Vegans going...notice I'm alternating back and forth between Pro and Anti-Vegan sentiments. Gotta keep it fair! :)

Pro-Vegan Input from Ted Schatz:

While I do respect the point of view of anti-Vegans, there are as many holes in their theories as Swiss cheese. HA - pun intended!

1. Junk food is Junk food -Vegan or not.
2. The small percentage of Vegans and Vegetarians could not possibly have a significant negative environmental impact. The majority of soy grown is not for human consumption at all. IT IS TO FEED LIVESTOCK.
3. Primal Diet. If you are eating a Primal Diet, you would not eat cooked food. Where do you draw the line in history that states this is a Primal diet and this is not? Along the same lines, depending on the line in history, Primal man did not drink milk of other animals and current anthropological studies show that Primal man did not consume large amounts of meat. Yes some, but out of necessity not health.
4. There are plenty of Naturopaths that argue a Vegan diet is healthy.
5. There are plenty of current studies showing that a Vegan diet is healthy when done correctly.
6. The studies most quoted by Anti-Vegans are the Weston Price foundation studies. The original study was done by a Dentist around 1911. There is so much more current research out there.
7. Yes small amounts of meat can be part of a healthy diet. But, there is not a single legit study showing a meat based diet is healthier than a plant based diet.
8. If you kill an animal humanely you still kill something and if it is not necessary, then why?

Thanks for the insight Ted! Remember everyone, all of this is to get us thinking and talking and researching...and most importantly considering what we put into our bodies.

Here's my Food Intake for the Day:

Breakfast: Organic Granola and Almond Cereal & Banana. Plus Bagel with Soynut Butter and Strawberry Jam.

Lunch: Organic Tortilla chips, Organic Black Beans, Tofu Shredded Cheese, Cut up Peppers

Snack: Soy Chocolate Pudding - my new favorite treat

Dinner: Veggies & Hummus, Sandwich (I tried that Toby's Tofu Spread which wasn't too bad and kinda reminded me of Egg Salad), Olives

Snack: Tofu Chocolate Fudgcile

It looks like I had a big sweet tooth today huh?!

Exercise: 55 minute run this morning with a girlfriend. Then tonight I drove across the city to take my 90 minute Hot Yoga class and I was 3 minutes late and they wouldn't let me in. Man, that gets me going! I'm so the opposite in my classes. Hey, if someone makes the effort to get there and they're late - I don't care how late - I want to welcome them and help them feel great about their effort and the fact that something is better than nothing! So instead of doing 87 minutes of Yoga, I got none. That just doesn't make any sense to me. So what if it's a little disruptive to the class if I'm late. Part of the practice of Yoga is your ability to stay focused no matter what distractions, obstacles, pressures, stressors etc come your way. If someone quickly slips into your Yoga class and it really bugs you, man, life is going to be really hard! Okay, I'm ranting...Breathe Sherri Breathe. Maybe this was a lesson for me to learn to just let it go and to go with the flow.

Gotta go to bed! Sleep is critical to health!

Yours in health and fitness,

Sherri McMillan


  1. I agree with Ted about the fact that humans don't need other animals' milk, and the fact that we don't need a lot of meat and that you can do a vegan diet correctly and be very healthy. I know a lot of local vegans. They're not sickly. I wish I would eat more veggies.

    I disagree with your yoga studio. I danced professionally for 27 years in Chicago. One of my favorite instructors, Joel Hall used to say,"When you come through that door, you leave the world behind". He understood the importance of the escape. Of course, we would do anything not to be late for class, but if we were, the policy was that you wait patiently at the door until the instructor signaled you to come into the studio. Then, you would quietly find your place at the rear of the barre or the back of the studio. I've never been turned away from a dance class for being late. If yoga is an escape - a place to concentrate on doing something good for yourself - how can they justify not letting you in? Would the room suddenly get colder by opening the door for a couple of seconds?

  2. In response to Ted's comments on the dentist. Dr. Westin Price was the head of the American Dental Association and headed up a team of 60 of the top research doctors in the 30's including Charles Mayo. Price's work along with the work of many others at the time was buried by the pharmaceutical companies. We are just now starting to recognize what was known in the 30's. It was just in the last three years that we learned that what Westin Price called activator X is vitamin K2. K2 is necessary to properly utilize calcium and remineralize our bones and teeth. K2 is produced in milk by cows that eat fast growing green grass.

    Soy is 90 percent genetically modified to withstand Roundup in the fields and chemical solvents used to remove the oil. The resulting product is highly processed and often retains chemical residues. Hexane, a by product of gasoline manufacturing, is the most commonly used solvent. Foods such as soy cheese are a highly refined product. Unfortunately many vegans rely on these highly refined foods as a main stay of their diet.

  3. Nicholette - thanks for your comments and your support.

    Franceil - thanks so much for your insight. My Tofu and Soy intake has definitely increased dramatically so I'm going to have to watch that.

  4. Please tell us where you take your yoga classes. I am interested in hot yoga but cannot locate a local (Vancouver-area) studio.

  5. We have tried one studio so far: Fire Mountain Yoga on Mill Plain. But we will try a few others also before we find our final home. It was okay but it wasn't to die for!